My name is Jacques Masy, living in Roeselare (Belgium) for about 25 years.

Since a few years, I found an old passion back.
In the early eighties I got really interested in black&white photography. In those times we were all educated at school with the experiences of the americain photographer Ansel Adams and his so called “zone-system”.
It was definitely a great time …

Today, the digital photography reigns supreme and I felt very lucky to get into contact with it.

I can hardly answer the question what kind of photographer I really am or want to be.
Most of all I’m interested in photographing people and their behaviour. But besides all this, landscape photography, architecture and other human realizations or still life_photography fascinate me aswell.

Anyway, getting the focus on nice compositions and catching interesting light situations during the proces is very important.

I feel happy and honored to share my pictures with you.